Oath of Kwanzaa


I swear by God, the Almighty, and Mother Africa, and myself, my parents, fellow siblings, relations, friends & foes alike, that, to the best of my knowledge, ability and judgment, I will hold this oath dear to my heart and help all that need help at home or abroad, help my fellows wherever else they may be, to hold everyone of my own, whether light or dark or otherwise, to be my own brethren and treat them as such. I will endeavor to understand more and more of who I am, what I am, where I came from, of others too and what I can do to improve things according to the natural laws of life, and by no other way or means deemed bad.

I will continue to believe (firmly) in my own, to the best of my knowledge, ability and understanding. I hope to make a change of the way things are, in a positive way. I will endeavor not to do any deadly, harmful (or more) against my own or others of another creed, belief or type.

With a fear of God, the Almighty, I will not hold myself to be above anyone else nor below too. Where work or pleasure takes me, I will always keep the dignity of my people above all else and abstain from all acts that go contrary to this. Whatever I do, or say, wherever I go, will be as an ambassador of my people and will refrain from saying things deleterious, or more against my own or others and likewise in writing and will hold secrets of whatever nature unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

I will continue to hold this oath, for as long as I live, dear to me as my life, and may the Almighty grant me a long, enjoyable life in the upholdment of this belief and be worthy of all men. But should I use it wrongly, may the reverse be my judgment.





Composed & written by Baba




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