I have been roaming the streets

For years I could not remember

For decades, immemorial

Each time, in and out

This time & every other time

When I see a factory

They the face of come again

The ugly face of disappointment

The non-smiling face of disappointment

Telling me to move on

Try the next factory the caring gateman

May say


But, comfort is always on my side

Saying tomorrow may be good

Determination, says struggle must continue

I am very optimistic

Goodies must surely arrive

Time being the deciding factor

But definitely,

As dawn overcomes dusk

My suffering must one day end


Nearly all the secretaries

Know my handwriting

An acquaintance of "I beg to……."

Apply for this or that

They are tired of destroying my letters

Or application as they call it

If I have not achieved my aim

I have achieved something

Popularity I may call it

I’m as popular as bathroom slippers

The Lagos streets could recognize my footsteps

I know all their names

We are partners in progress to doom

My shoes are begging for forgiveness

They are tired of me

My shirts are laughing

My trousers are weary

All these are special awards

For their long service

They are all single

Maybe the searching

Will end one day

But the hope is blind













By Remi Adegoke mid 1980s




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